-Agostin Custom Guitar Z-24 Art Series (Artwork by Annamaria Suppa)
-Agostin Custom Guitars Z-24 (H-S-H)
-Agostin Custom Guitars Z-24 (H-H)
-Agostin Classic T
-Agostin Classic S (SSS) with Demeter 20db boost
-1990 Valley Arts Custom Pro
-Gibson ES-335 ’68
-Fender Stratocaster
-Fender Telecaster
-Ibanez GB20 ’81
-Gibson ES330 ’65
-Martin 015  ’55 Acoustic guitar
-Godin Multiac Nylon  (for live)
-Takamine Classical Nylon CP132
-Taylor 712C Acoustic guitar ’85
-Yamaha 12 strings acoustic gtr
-Godin Glissentar Electric Oud

other instruments

-Banjo (6 strings)
-Portorican cuatro
-Bouzouki (all tuned like guitar)


-Kemper Profiler + Remote
-2 way passive monitors (for Kemper)
-1967 Fender Super Reverb
-1965 Fender Bassman head
-1969 Marshall JTM45 50w head & 4×12 cabinet
-Marshall 1960A 4×12 cabinet  (for Kemper)
-Marshall 9060 Mosfet stereo PA  (for Kemper)
-Marshall 8080 stereo PA  (for Kemper)


-Zoom G3xn
-Zoom G5xn
-Zoom MS-50Gù
-Zoom MS-70CDR
-Eventide H9
-Line 6 HX Stomp
-Hotone Omni IR (Impulse responses reader, for acoustic guitar live)
-Gamechanger Audio PLUS Pedal
-Boss GT-8 guitar multieffects
-ProCo Rat 2 ’90
-Ibanez Tube screamer
-Boss CS2 compressor
-Marshall ED-1 compressor
-Cry baby Wah
-Lexicon MX200 multieffects
-Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man (for Looper)
-Electro Harmonix Freeze (mod)
-Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer
-Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer
-Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer
-Behringer Micro Mix


-Ernie Ball Stainless Steel 010-046 (for electric)
-Ernie Ball 012-052 (for jazz)
-Ernie Ball Earthwood  012-054 (for acoustic gtr)
-Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla Clear Nylon (for classical gtr)
-Galli Oud strings
-Galli Flat Wound 012 (for Jazz)


-Ernie Ball Heavy
-Ernie Ball Medium and Thin (for acoustic GTR strumming)

guitar straps


software, mikes and sound generators

-Korg KaossMini pad
-Korg Kaossilator pad
-Steinberg Nuendo DAW software
-Ableton Live software
-Oktava MK-012 and MK-319 for acoustic guitars
-Shure SM57 for guitar amp
-IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Mic
-Zoom L12 Livetrack Digital Recorder (for live)